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Grade Table

BAB Expiry Date



Andrew Pugh
Nigel Jones


Andrew Pugh アンドルー ピュー 道場長
Nigel Jones ナイジェル ジョーンズ
Julian Morris ジューリアン モーリス
Darius Andziulis ダリウス アンドズーリス
Jeff Gurney  ジェフ  ガーニー
Steve Anstee スティーブ アンスティー




Nidan Aikikai Foundation
Nidan Aikikai Foundation
Ikkyu KUK (1st Kyu)
Roku-kyu KUK (6th Kyu)

BAB Coach Reference

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Dojo Etiquette

1. When entering or leaving the Dojo, students should bow in the direction of O Sensei's picture on the Kamiza/Shomen. This is a tradition of showing respect to the founder of Aikido

2. Shoes/Zori are to be removed and placed neatly in a row. When approaching the mat, students should bow respectfully to the Kamiza/Shomen.

3. Students should assemble quietly at least five minutes before the class is scheduled to start. It is recommended that all students kneel (sit in seiza) in meditation and await the Instructor's arrival on the tatami.

4. When the Instructor comes on to the tatami, he and the students will bow towards the picture of O Sensei. The students then bow to the Instructor, formally opening the class.

5. It is proper to ask the permission of the Instructor to practice when arriving late, or leaving early.

6. Students should never sit with their backs to the Kamiza, nor should they pass between the Instructor and the Kamiza/Shomen.

7. When approaching the Instructor on the tatami, whether you ask him, or he calls you, bow first and at the end. Never yell out 'Sensei' and/or beckon for instruction - go up to him and bow.

8. Once engaged in the practice of Aikido, clear your mind of everything but the lesson given and the principles of Aikido.

9. When the Instructor is teaching a pair of students, it is not necessary for others to sit down and watch unless he says to. It is preferable to keep practicing.

10. Your partner is not your opponent. Techniques are learned through him/her and with him/her. It should be a pleasure to be thrown as well as to throw. Each movement in Aikido teaches the principles and spirit of Aikido and should be practiced sincerely.

11. When changing partners during class, you should acknowledge both the partner you are leaving as well as your new partner with a bow.

12. Care should be taken to be aware of the ability of your partner, so that no injuries occur.

13. At the end of class, the Instructor and students bow to O Sensei's picture, and then the students bow to the Instructor and to each other. Students should wait until the instructor has left the tatami before getting up from seiza.

14. A few don'ts:- Lie on the tatami, lean against the walls, sit with your legs stretched out, wear rings or watches, chew gum, have long finger or toe nails, wear dirty or torn Keikogi, leave the mat for water etc.

15. Keep in mind the Dojo refers not only to the mat/tatami, but to the entire area inside the building. Maintaining quiet and practicing courtesy in the Dojo pertains to all areas in the building.

16. When observing class, spectators should remain quiet out of respect for the Instructor and the practicing students.

17. Please turn all mobile phones off during class, unless agreed first with the Instructor.

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