Course News

Course training times and proposed meal venues are now available on the Training times and Meal venue page.(01/01/2017)

The Friday meal venue has been removed from the site. A new one is being sort for our needs. (03/02/2017)

The Saturday & Sunday meal venues have now been confirmed. The Sit down time for the Saturday meal venue is 6pm. As we are a large group, they are requesting everyone who wants to go, to pre-order their meal before attending. If you wish to attend the Saturday meal, please start to email me, to book your place. The last date for accepting places will be Tuesday 1st of August. I will send you a copy of the menu, and you will need to mail me back with your choices. (02/04/2017)

Friday meal venue is also confirmed and booked. Australian restaurant, with exotic meats from that country, as well as traditional meals and Vegan & Vegetarian options available. (02/04/2017)