Adapted Aikido training advice for All members of the Dojo

On this page, I will list the official advice for training, and our specific advice on training in the Dojo. Please make sure you make yourself familiar with all the details on this page! A vast majority is common sense, and things which by now you observe on a daily basis.

1. The mat will not be used until further notice. (Probably many months)!

2. You are not expected to wear your Keikogi to class. Training will take place in whatever you turn up in.

3. Masks are to be worn within the Dojo at all times. Gloves are not required.

4. Only weapon work (Bukiwaza) and single/solo exercises and body movements will be practice. No paired practice at any time.

5. No items are to be shared at any time. Weapons, towels, water bottles etc...

6. Standard hand washing is required upon entry of the Dojo.

7. No one is forced to come back and practice.

8. Anyone who feels unwell, are NOT to come to practice.

9. No spectators are allowed in the Dojo, unless a new student wishes to join. They will be allowed in to the Dojo.

10. In line with the Dojo's constitution, we do not train any students under the age of eighteen, and have never been allowed to watch any classes in the past, this has not changed.

11. Everyone will complete the track & trace document upon entry of the Dojo on EVERY practice night!

12. The Dojo Instructor is now designated as the Covid-19 Officer. 

Please note this advice does change on a regular basis, so the above is just the basics

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